Bibim (bee-beem) Kitchen was first established in 2017 with a mission to serve traditional Korean dish, bibimbap, with a modern twist. We focus in serving healthy, fresh and delicious rice bowl. Our food is handcrafted with love right from our kitchen by our hard working staff and co- owners, Bo and Sophia. Hope to see you in one of our locations soon!



We bring fresh ingredients to your bowl so you can have a healthy meal, anytime, anywhere

Traditional + Modern

We are not your typical Korean restaurant. We specialize in infusing traditional flavors with a modern touch

One of a Kind

We are proud to be the first build-your-own bibimbap establishment in the Valley and hope to bring smiles to all of our customers!


"What an Amazing Hole in the wall Korean fast Healthy food place. I say fast because this is similar to Chipotle where you pick your items. The selections were perfect for a healthy bowl. I tried the spicy pork w/ purple rice (I had to try a spoonful , although I don't eat much rice-it was pretty good) lettuce, kale,broccoli,bean sprouts, spicy cucumber and kimchee. I was starving and Siri recommended this place as a 4.5 star. So I decided to try it. I will be back! I ordered two other bowls to share with my family. Mahalo Bimbim for the ono food!"
Miss T, Yelp

"I  needed a real quick take out meal for my mother who is visiting us from S Korea, and man it was a real quick meal ! Ordered purple rice (healthier option yay), lettuce, kale, bulgogi meat, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms, mixed with seaweed, classic gochujang (red paste), sesame oil and fried egg. Paid, got out of shop in less than five minutes !
As a Korean, I find it so strange putting tomato into a bibimbap, but it was one of the options...
My mom gave thumbs up for the taste and five stars for generous portion for the price!"

Joobin P, Yelp

"Really good food. Do yourself a favor and go try it. Anything cooked in a hot stone pot sounds good to me. My boyfriend was in the mood for healthy but filling so we found ourselves at BIBIM kitchen. They did not disappoint. Food was amazing! You order in the front and pick your starch, protein, vegetables, toppings, and sauce. I am Korean and wasn't really a big bibimbap fan until today. It was amazing and I can't wait to go back! :) and yes if you don't eat meat they have fried tofu."

Carin H, Yelp